Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sigma Tau Delta Inspires

Last week I went to the Sigma Tau Delta annual convention in St. Louis, Missouri. In preparation for the trip, our chapter of Sigma Tau Delta blogged about chapter news, events, things of literary merit, and so forth, hoping we would win best chapter blog--and we did! You can read up on TCNJ's Sigma Tau Delta chapter at the following link:

My chapter of Sigma Tau Delta has inspired me to begin writing my own blog, especially since I will be embarking on that wonderful topsy, turvy journey of student teaching in the fall. I feel as if a blog will be a catharsis after a long day of teaching and lesson plan-making. I'm probably going to look back on this post and laugh at my naivete, because chances are I will have very little free time to actually blog.

In my experience, a person only learns and matures and grows by actually participating in something. Hopefully my blog will be a way to track changes I have made, in regard to both my pedagogical mission and my morals in general.

So here I go! I'm casting my net, jumping out of the plane, diving into the water. Get from this blog what you may...happy reading :)

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