Friday, September 10, 2010

Student Teaching Saga Part 1

Photograph courtesy of the South Brunswick School District website.

Earlier this week I began my student teaching experience at Crossroads North Middle School in the South Brunswick School District.

Beyond excited, I made my way down the wide tiled hallways of the school, reflecting on my own experiences as a middle school student. Not surprisingly, it felt weird to stand in the front of the classroom, teacher identification card hanging around my neck, looking out at the place where I sat a mere eight years ago.

The first unit I am teaching is a short story unit, in which I get to teach short stories by great authors--Edgar Allan Poe, O. Henry, Mark Twain. The material seems difficult for seventh and eighth grade students to handle, but my cooperating teacher assured me that the students are used to learning difficult material. The school itself is a Blue Ribbon School and expects a lot from its students. I'm sure the school expects a lot out of me as well.

Join me as I chronicle my student teaching experience in this ongoing Blog Saga.

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